The Prosecco Hills

A Journey to the Prosecco Hills

The Prosecco Hills of Pieve di Soligo unfold like a golden green mosaic, cradled in the arms of history and tradition. Each curve reveals a new vista, where neat vineyards dialogue with the blue sky. Here, Prosecco is not just a wine, it is a tale born from the earth.

Authentic Food and Wine Experiences

Feel the authentic taste of Italy at our wine tastings, where every sip encapsulates the passion and artistry of our winemakers. Walk among the vineyards, discover the secrets of winemaking, and be enveloped in the scents and flavors that only these hills can offer.

Encounters with Nature and History

The Prosecco Hills are a stage where nature and history act together. Hiking trails take you through ancient villages and breathtaking views, telling stories of lands worked with care and dedication. Every step is an immersion in the timeless beauty of this landscape.

Relaxation and Wellness in Italian Style

Our hotel is a haven of serenity, where luxury and comfort blend with the enchantment of the surrounding hills. Treat yourself to moments of pure relaxation in our elegant rooms, enjoy the fine cuisine of the terriotrio restaurants, and let the magic of the place renew body and spirit.