Live the Territory


A Dive into the Automobile Past.

In the heart of the Prosecco hills, Hotel Contà offers a unique experience for classic car lovers. Our area is a perfect setting to experience the passion for historic four-wheelers.


Hills and Engines

The hills of Pieve di Soligo are the perfect stage for an unforgettable automotive experience. Classic cars, faithful keepers of past histories, will take you to explore the winding and scenic roads that wind through vineyards and historic villages. Indulge in nostalgia and the beauty of the views.


The Charm of Historic Two-Wheelers

In the Prosecco hills, Hotel Contà celebrates the romance of vintage motorcycles. Here, motorcycle tradition blends with adventure in a unique setting.

Vintage Discoveries

Hotel Contà is the ideal starting point for exploring breathtaking routes through vineyards and unspoiled landscapes. Rely on the tradition of motorcycling and immerse yourself in unforgettable adventures on two wheels.