From Pianezze to Orsere

From Pianezze to Orsere: the Pre-Alps rich in history


The itinerary begins from the Piazzale di Pianezze, above Valdobbiadene. A dirt road accompanies us to the beginning of the path, which corresponds to the old way through which forage and wood were brought to the valley by musse, old sleds that for years were the main means of transportation. A row of beech trees leads us toward stable meadows, where various blooms can be seen in spring.

Soon the hike leads to Balcon, a vantage point from which Monte Grappa, the plains and the Trevigiano Hills can be seen. From here begins the ascent, which steeply through pastures and woods takes us to the highest point of the itinerary. Once again the view is majestic, and as we turn north, we can see the Dolomites. All that remains is to face the descent and return to the starting point.

Length: 9 km
Height difference: 450 m
Duration: 4.5 to 5.5 hours

Pianezze, Valdobbiadene (TV), at the parking lot of Piazzale Pianezze, Piazzale Donatori.

Recommended equipment:
Hiking shoes or boots, walking poles if used, layered clothing, rain cape or jacket, and at least one liter of water.